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Paula Shene
I was almost finished with Stephen Drake’s first book – Displaced and I liked it so much, I immediately went and purchased book number two in the series and that one is Civilization.
Displaced is the first in a series of, to me, a dystopian but apparently not yet crowded prison world peopled with the anti-establishment free thinker, the clueless, mixed in with the dangerous rapacious dregs and the ones not willing to blindly follow the dictates of the newly established earth’s world government.

One man carves out his utopia while most of the remaining rise to the level of corruption only power can satisfy. A powerful book with a powerful message.

 Great story. June 26, 2018
Lately, I have been thinking who would survive is something tragic happened and all the computer grids went down. In this book the author tells the story of survival from a different place. Kevin Murdock wakes in not only a different time, but a different world, carried there by a pod. Kevin is a survivor who knows how to live off the land, even if it is some what different in the new world. What Kevin is also going to find is that no matter where you live some things never change. Meeting James Whittier the third proves that greed by those who think they are better than others will always exist. The author writes a great story with characters readers can love and also hate in an adventure you won’t soon forget.

 Murdock is a very true to life character! October 11, 2017

Allow me to introduce you to Kevin Murdock. He is a character like none other I have encountered. His personality, for a character in a book, made me feel like he was someone I have encountered. This man, who honestly prefers to be called Murdock is like you and I. He talks to himself in his head, and makes you laugh when he does it. He is funny, yet sophisticated at the same time, and honestly, I think you will find him quite enjoyable to read, as I did.

Murdock is aboard a transport pod, one that speaks to him. And when it does, he wants to argue with it, but refrains because he knows it is a ship, and it would only be a waste of his time.

Murdock is awakened on this ship, along with nineteen others, and wouldn’t you know it, one of them is a Politician. And we all know what that means.

The Politicians name is James Whittier, (and no he isn’t witty in the least.) and all he wants is what all politicians want, is power. Murdock promotes common sense, as well as self-reliance, teaching the others that they can do things on their own. But this isn’t what Whittier wants and longs for, therefore the two begin to butt heads.

Once the group decides to exclude Murdock, only then does he realize that there are entities and among them that are even more powerful then all of them know and realize. Now the problem being, how does he give this information to them, if they want nothing to do with him?

I honestly found this book very intriguing and I truly enjoyed the character of Murdock immensely, as well as the ship. Honestly, the book in itself has a great ‘personality’ to it, one I have never felt before in a book, and that in itself made this book very entertaining and original. I give this book five wonderful stars, because I have never felt this entertained by a book in a long time. I also think Stephen Drake is a new writer I intend to read more of and hope that he will keep entertaining us readers further! He has a great gift!

 Five Stars August 28, 2017
I find myself forgetting I am reading a book!

 Enjoyed July 20, 2017
Really enjoyed this book! It’s got action, science fiction, suspense, a love story too, what’s not to like!

 Love the book April 18, 2017
Love the book! A great mix of my favorite genres; science fiction, a little survival and fantasy rolled up into one great story.

 Not bad, but… November 3, 2016
Not bad but not exactly great either. The overall story is fun but the personalities and characters all seem to ring false to me. Supposedly everyone was kicked off Earth for being too independent yet only the main character ever shows it. Everyone else is immediately ready to be subject to incredible degradation (which could have been solved with a quick sharp object to someone’s throat). The main antagonist is cartoonishly evil and everyone else is criminally stupid (apparently no one realized that you have to save food for winter, shocking!).

 Well worth buying! June 22, 2016
Great story line and excellent characters. The book stands on it’s own – but the ending makes it clear that there is more tot he story and I’m looking forward to the next book! I’ve been searching for others by this author as well, because he tells a great story with just the right amount of detail at the right time…

 Five Stars April 30, 2016
Excellent writing and plot very good!

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K.J. Simmill

Sep 21, 2016 K.J. Simmill rated Displaced: it was amazing (*****)

Murdock’s upbringing was considered anything but normal to the masses, raised by his father and uncle he was taught to hunt, to be a survivor. When he awakes on a distant planet he knows these skills will be tested to their fullest. He, and the others in the transport pod, had been rejected. They served no purpose, had no value, to Earth’s new masters. Stranded on a world where survival skills should be the only real currency there are those who crave power above all else and will stop at nothing to obtain it. One such man is Whittier, and he knows all too well how dangerous a man like Murdock can be to his plans. He would rather cast him out than lose control. On a new and dangerous world, where humans are not the apex predator, loyalty is paramount, and survival is not a given. The people here must get their priorities straight if they plan to survive.

I have to say I really loved this book, a phrase I never utter lightly. The characters are magnificent, the plot is gripping, engaging, and casts a light on humanity at its best and worst. Stephen Drake creates an imaginative world wrought with danger and peril, yet humans seem to be the thing to fear most. The author’s style is immersive, filled with great dialogue and breath-taking descriptions. A truly brilliant book for lovers of fantasy and sci-fi. I personally will be eagerly awaiting more work from this talented author.This is certainly a book I would recommend.


Jun 22, 2016 Jennifer rated Displaced: it was amazing (*****)
An excellent adventure of survival in a foreign land and the terrain isn’t the most dangerous thing there. A colourful cast of characters, a breath-taking and complex world, a must-read if ever there was one!
Stephen Drake certainly knows how to tell a good story, I couldn’t put this down. The relationships are intricate and well thought out. Emotions are explored and allowed to deepen in their own time. Nothing is rushed for the sake of progressing the plot.
I can’t wait to read another of his books and see if there will be a sequel.