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Paula Shene
Civilization (Displaced, book 2) has enlarged its population exponentially when two hundred exits a larger pod than our reluctant hero, Kevin Murdock did five years previously. Murdock did bring with him survival skills upon arrival on this planet which even with its dangers has become a Utopia for him and his family.

With the new arrivals, again clueless, demanding, belligerent, some stupidly evil, and others totally depraved, life and survival is always at risk.

This is all book one and more. Now I understand why some can pick up an 800-page book and ‘stick with it.’

I will say there are several heartbreaking and/or grisly moments. Just be aware, tissues should be kept within reach.

I read these books back to back and the 275, 222 words just made me thirsty for Drake’s upcoming book Resolution.

Samuel H Hyatt
 Five Stars August 28, 2017
Again I find so into this that I forget I am reading a book, everything springs to life!

 Good read December 21, 2016
Good read. A good time we’ll spent . Will read first now to tie it all in.

 Great book!! December 5, 2016
I really liked both of Mr. Drakes books. Very well written, so a large age group could read and enjoy. I would like to see a prequel telling how the takeover occurred what Murdock and the other main characters did to get exiled. Overall a very well written story! Looking forward to the next one!

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P.S. Winn

Aug 18, 2018 P.S. Winn rated Civilization:  it was amazing (*****)
This is the second book in this series and even better than the first as Kevin Murdock continues to endure in a new world. I love the character Kevin Murdoch, if I had to survive and even begin civilization over, I would want Kevin on my side. In this the second book, Kevin is finding old enemies in the form of relatives and new secrets in powers he holds will remind him that some things never change even in new worlds. This is a great book for anyone wondering about the future and struggling with the present. I like the author’s writing style and the way he tells a great story readers can be assured to find intriguing and entertaining.


Aug 18, 2018 Jennifer rated Civilization:  it was amazing (*****)
One of the best science fiction/fantasy sequels I’ve ever read. Stephen keeps the narrative flowing from one book to the next with flawless continuity. The characters are new, yet familiar. We’ve all met people like these people. There are new enemies and old adversaries, leading to much conflict and conspiracy.
Murdock has to be one of the best leading men; a robust, reliable and hardy man of action, cursed with the ability to rally folk around him. An ability he doesn’t want.
With Civilisation, Murdock has more to protect, more to lose and more to fight for. And never has a man fought harder for anything.
Can’t wait for book 3!

K.J. Simmill

Oct 08, 2016 K.J. Simmill rated Civilization:  it was amazing (*****)

Civilization is the second book in Stephen Drake’s Displaced series. Five years have past since Murdock first found himself on this planet, and the time has come for more Humans to arrive. But there are things here that should be protected. Murdock is the guardian of the Oomah, and now it falls to him to ensure those arriving do nothing to jeopardise their way of life. He is an emissary, a peace keeper, a difficult role at the best of times, let alone when faced with a pod full of power hungry people. Murdock must protect his family, the Oomah, and even the humans from one another in hope to create a future where all survive. The humans split into factions, their only similarities seeming to be their mutual disdain for the man who has tried only to help them. Can he unite them, or will their own perceived superiority be their undoing?

Civilization is filled with brilliant characters, from those you love, to those you outright hate. Stephen Drake captures the best and worst of humanity and puts it on display for all to see. This book is a tale of survival, but it is impossible not to reflect on where you yourself would fit within this world. It is an enjoyable read and easy to lose yourself in (as my 1am mornings will testify) ripe with vivid characters, great personalities and an enjoyable plot. I found it well written, gripping, and filled with brilliantly scripted dialogue. I certainly look forward to reading more works from this talented author.